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Over the past few years, Morrison School of Dance has firmly established itself as a centre of excellence for ballet and modern dance in Mayo and Tuam.

Under the guidance of esteemed teacher, Leighton Morrison, students at the Academy learn, grace, musicality, good posture, self-expression and the self-confidence that naturally develops when achieving goals.
Leighton Morrison is one of Ireland’s most highly respected ballet dancers, teachers and choreographers.

We understand that you want the best for your child and at the Morrison School of Dance, we strive to provide the highest quality of care and to teach dance in a fun and healthy learning environment. Our aim is to provide a positive learning experience for each individual child and to inspire a love of the arts in everyone we work with.

All the staff at Morrison School of Dance have themselves excelled in dance before training to the highest standards to teach. All our teachers have Certificates of Public Liability Insurance and Certificates of Garda Clearance to work with young people. As well as their esteemed qualifications in dance, they are also Certified in First Aid and Child Protection Policy.

Leighton head shotLeighton Morrison

Leighton trained at Arts Educational school, London. After graduating he travelled to Israel to work with Bat-Dor Company where he remained as a soloist for two years. Leighton has performed with companies including English National Opera, Rotterdam Dance Group, Wayne Sleeps Ballet Company, and Vienna Festival Ballet. He subsequently became a member of the English National Ballet where he stayed for three seasons performing in all the major classics. He then joined the hit musical Cats as lead dancer Mistoffelees, followed by Anything Goes and the UK and World tour of Saturday Night Fever. Among various TV and film appearances Leighton has worked with directors  including Oliver Stone.IN Ireland he has worked with Ballet Ireland, Cois Ceim, Cork City Ballet, Irish Modern Dance, and most recently Catastrophe & Chrysalis Dance in the Galway & Dublin Arts Festival.

Leighton taught for the Corrib Dance Academy, Shannon Dance Academy and has his own schools, Morrison School of Dance in Ballina, Swinford, and Tuam. He has also been choreographer and rehearsal director for Youth Ballet West & Chrysalis Dance.


40 comments on “Home/About the Schools

  1. Jennifer
    March 11, 2014

    I have a 3 1/2 yr old who loves to dance. is she too young to start pre ballet?


    • Morrison School of Dance
      March 17, 2014

      Hi Jennifer.
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      3 1/2 is to young at this time of the year.
      The children of the school are currently getting ready for their ballet show and exams there for it would be a bad time for anyone new to join, as they would feel left behind. Therefore i feel it would be best to wait until the new school year starts in September. I know that is a long way off. But in my experience, children that feel left behind do not stay and i am sure it would not be good for their confidence. Ballet encourages confidence when children are in the correct class.
      Please get back in touch in August to book a place for your daughter
      Kind regarded
      Leighton Morrison

  2. Jennifer
    March 18, 2014

    Thank you Leighton for your response.
    I will be looking forward to September

  3. lauren
    June 16, 2014

    Hi Leighton i am just wondering what age do the children have to be before they can start pre-ballet?

    • Morrison School of Dance
      June 18, 2014

      Hi Lauren
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      The pre ballet class is for children around 4 years of age. Which school are you looking at?

      Kind regards
      Leighton Morrison

  4. Dee
    June 28, 2014

    Hi Leighton
    I have a daughter who is 12 years of age. Is she too old to start Ballet classes.

    • Hi Dee
      Thanks for getting in touch. It is never to late to start dancing. Was it Tuam or Ballina you are looking at? Let me know and i can tell you everything you need to know.

      Kind regards

      Leighton Morrison

  5. Dee
    July 5, 2014

    Hi Leighton
    We live near Tuam

    Kind regards,

  6. Hey Dee
    There are two classes your daughter could try. Ballet would be on Tuesdays at 5:45 – 6:45. There is also Zumba Kids on Saturday mornings, 10:45 – 11:30. There are 3 ten week terms per year. Both classes start back in September. Zumba on the 6th @ 75euro per term & Ballet on the 9th @ 80euro per term. If you would like to book a place, just let me know your daughters name.
    Kind regards
    Leighton Morrison

  7. Delia
    July 22, 2014

    Hi Leighton
    My daughters name is Kelley Gavagan. Where in Tuam do you hold classes please.

    Kind regards

    • Morrison School of Dance
      July 25, 2014

      Hi Delia.
      All classes are geld in the Mercy Primary School on Dublin Road.
      How old is Kelley?

      Kind regards
      Leighton Morrison

    • Morrison School of Dance
      July 25, 2014

      Classes are held in The Mercy Primary School. Would you like me to book a place for Kelley. I know she is 12. Sorry for the other mail. Your name has chanced from Dee to Delia so i thought you were someone new.

  8. Michele Walsh
    September 3, 2014

    Hi Leighton, where can I purchase the blue ballet outfit that the girls wear in your Tuam class?

  9. Morrison School of Dance
    September 4, 2014

    You can get the outfit from the school wear centre in Tuam.

  10. Michele Walsh
    September 9, 2014

    Thank you Leighton; I got her the outfit but wasn’t sure if I should get the pink or white tights (Store only had pink in stock). For today she will have regular white tights.

  11. ashling
    August 21, 2015

    Hi I’m looking for my little girl to join your tuam class. She is 3. I’ve read where you said 4 but would really love to start her

    • Morrison School of Dance
      August 24, 2015

      Hi Ashling, Thanks for getting in touch. When is your daughter turning 4?
      Leighton Morrison

      • Ashling
        August 25, 2015

        She’s just 3 now
        But showing interest.

  12. Morrison School of Dance
    August 29, 2015

    when is she 4?

  13. Ashling
    August 29, 2015

    She’s actually just 3
    She’s had a couple of classes of a toddler ballet class

  14. Morrison School of Dance
    August 29, 2015

    You are welcome to come and try. Her class would be in the Knocknacarra National School at 3:45 starting back on Thursday September 10th

    • Ashling
      August 29, 2015

      Is there a tuam class?

  15. Morrison School of Dance
    August 29, 2015

    Yes, sorry. The class for you is in the Mercy Primary School on Tuesday at 3:30-4:15

    • Ashling
      August 29, 2015

      Perfect! When does that class return?

  16. Morrison School of Dance
    August 29, 2015

    Tuesday September 8th

  17. Fiona Keane
    September 2, 2015

    My daughter is 5 have u school in galway city , when and where do they start or been held and whats the cost , thank you fiona

    • Morrison School of Dance
      September 3, 2015

      Hi Fiona
      We have a class is the Knocknacarra National School Starting back next Thursday Sep. 10th.
      The class for you would be at 3:45-4:30
      Fees are €75 per term (10 weeks) there are 3 terms per year.
      Knid regards
      Leighton Morrison

  18. Shaunna
    December 7, 2015

    Hi I have a 4 year old who is mad about dancing, is it too late to join your classes on a Tuesday?

    • Morrison School of Dance
      December 15, 2015

      Hey Shaunna
      If i spoke to you on the phone, you can disregard this message.
      I would recommend that you wait until September when the new class will start for her age group. I hope she will be fine with that. Please get back in touch in the summer.
      Kind regards
      Leighton Morrison

  19. Cait
    September 1, 2016

    Hi Leighton.

    My daughter turned 4 at the end of May. I am looking for information about ballet or preballet for her. We live near Knocknacarra.

    • Morrison School of Dance
      September 5, 2016

      Hi Cait.
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Our classes in Knocknacarra start back on Friday September 9th with a free trial class. The class for your daughter would be the Pre Ballet class 3:30-4:15 in the Knocknacarra National School.(near B&Q)
      Fees are €75 per term (10 weeks) There are 3 terms per year.
      If you would like to book a place, just let me know your daughters name
      Kind regards
      Leighton Morrison

  20. Ann mc Guire
    September 25, 2016

    What is the best age to start ballet? I have a daughter almost 3.
    Many thanks,

  21. Ann Murray
    January 31, 2017

    Hi Leighton
    My daughter Emma is12 1/2 , she used to do Ballet when she was younger but she had to give it up because it clashed with her GAA every Wednesday, she was wondering would she have to start from the beginning? Is she too old?
    Many Thanks , Ann

    • Morrison School of Dance
      February 21, 2017

      Dear Ann
      Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, my site war hacked and it took some time to get it sorted.
      If you are still interested in trying out a ballet class, your daughter is most welcome to come along and join us in class to see how she gets on. She would be in a class with children of her own age. Can you let me know where you would like to take class, Knocknacarra, Tuam, Swinford or Ballina? so i can give you the correct infomation.
      Kind regards
      Leighton Morrison

  22. C
    July 11, 2017

    I have a four year old boy who wants to learn ballet. Would he be able?

    • Morrison School of Dance
      July 19, 2017

      Hi Kasha
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Classes for boys in my school are FREE.
      We have classes in Tuam, Swinford & Ballina.
      Where would be good for you?
      Kind regards
      Leighton Morrison

      • C
        July 19, 2017

        Tuam! That’s fantastic! Can I have more info like when/where/what we need?

  23. Morrison School of Dance
    July 19, 2017

    We have two classes in Tuam. both starting back in September in the Mercy Primary School. Tuesday 12th 3:30-4:15 or Friday 14th 3:15-4:00. All he needs is something comfortable to move in. Just let me know what class you want to come to and let me know his name.
    if there is a friend or two that would like to join his. boys do better when other boys are in the class as well.

    • C
      July 19, 2017

      He feels more comfortable with girls as a whole and makes friends with them more quickly than he would with boys. What phone number could I use to get him in?

      • Morrison School of Dance
        July 21, 2017

        All you need to do is let me know what day you can make it and his name. Then just turn up to the class.

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